Remax S2 Magnet Sports Bluetooth Headset Remote Control with Mic and Selfie BTN

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Remax S2 Magnet Sports Bluetooth Headset Remote Control with Mic and Selfie BTN

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سماعة بلوتوث لاسلكية من ريماكس

سماعة عصرية بتصميم رياضي مميز ويمكن استخدامها لتصوير السلفي

بها مانع للضوضاء ومايكروفون HD وتعمل باحدث اصدار من البلوتوث 4.1

Brand: Remax
Model: RM-S2
Bluetooth: V 4.1
Transmission Distance: 33 Inch(10m)
Rated Microphone: -41±1DB
Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz
Music Time: 4-6 Hours
Rated Input Power: 10MW
Talk Time: 5-8 hours
THD: ≤1%
Charging Time: About 2 hours
Impedance: 16Ω±10%
Standby Time: 160 hours
Rated Output: 92±3DB
Cable length: 75mm

 Commodity Description :
Bluetooth 4.1 version, wireless restraint, signal stability, 10 meters transmission distance, so that music with you, sports, enjoy the freedom of music ;
Design of cool, and enjoy the music make exercise more cool sense of fashion ;
The innovation movement around the neck magnet automatic adsorption design, adsorption is firm, easy to carry ;

Intelligent camera function, press the volume keys + 2 can take pictures ;
Ergonomic earplug, perfectly fit the auricle, paired with large, middle and small types of soft and comfortable medical silicone earplugs, firm, comfortable wearing experience, to ensure the movement when the earplug will not fall off ;
The ultimate perfect tune structure, high fidelity sound, optimization of cavity structure design, the ultimate reduction each note to beat the rhythm, high, medium and low three band equalizer, low-frequency clean, sweet, high frequency, if sweet, exceptional sound, let you listen to music ;
Super smart noise and noise reduction, enjoy the pure quality of the time ;
Smart Bluetooth, HD talk experience, built-in HD microphone, with the advanced voice input noise technology, you can get high-quality voice input effect ;
Multi function remote operation, answer, hang up the phone, switch songs, handy, moving more freely ;
160 hours long standby time, up to 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of music playback time, use Xpress and ease the strain ;
Fully compatible with apple, Android system.

Unique Magnetic adsorption design and mini style, perfect for your sports and outdoor activities.
Can be as the Bluetooth camera controller, convenience for your selfie.
Advanced technology, Bluetooth V4.1 / HD clear invoice / stereo music.
Eco-friendly material, accessories with L/M/S size ear-caps.
Intelligent mic noise reduction technique, and 160 hours long standby time.
Music control. Previous and Next song / pause and play.
Support mobile phone handsfree. Answer / End / Volume control / Be the camera controller.

Package contents: Remax RM-S2 Bluetooth Headphone / 1PCS
Charging Cable / 1PCS
Earbud / 4PCS
Protection Bag / 1PCS

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Remax S2 Magnet Sports Bluetooth Headset Remote Control with Mic and Selfie BTN

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